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If you do not know what Clinical Research means then first let me explain you in short about it.

When ever a drug comes into the market it has to go through various phases of clinical trials and testing beforehand. Clinical research is basically the complete cycle beginning from drug invention in labs to its launch in the market.

As part of Clinical research activity, medicine trials are done on human or animal and the corresponding data collection for the statistics of medicine’s behavior. All these activities of research happen in phases and also there are various types of trials involved in these.

It might sound very simple and straightforward activity but it is not and the whole cycle takes painstaking efforts of more than 10 years before the medicine comes into market after following all the rules and regulations of approving authorities (e.x. FDA). Also once the medicine is launched into market the observations and data collections and other clinical research activities continue.

The focus of clinical research is wide enough to include clinical data management, medical writing, clinical regulatory consultation, biostatistics to name a few. And this produces various kinds of role in the clinical trial industry.

In order to look for roles in detail in clinical research field check out clinical research roles and responsibility.

As the pharmaceutical industry has seen a continuous growth, clinical research has become very prospecting career option. There are many clinical research job opportunities and these opportunities are expected to grow in future with the growth of pharmaceutical industry.

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Clinical Research Growth and Opportunities in INDIA

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In last few decades there has been tremendous growth in the field of drug discovery due to the technologies advancements. The processes of Clinical Research have increased many folds than ever before and has become very very vast. Pharmaceutical companies are more conscious now about the safety, quality, strength and the way it should be used which is again cause of more research being done in clinical research field.

Lately INDIA has become center of attraction for most of the pharmaceutical companies for their Clinical research. India has big population and as a matter of fact it has around a million hospitals beds across the country. Due to large population and diversity India also has a large pool of patients suffering from various diseases. On the other hand India has developed a lot from research point of view and it has been proved to be a cost effective place for various fields. So, Basically India does provide every thing, which might be required for a pharmaceutical company to do the research work before introducing the drug to the market and that too at very cost effective way.

Today all big global pharmaceutical/clinical trials companies like Aventis, Glaxo Smith Kline, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Novartis and Pfizer have begun clinical drug trials across various Indian cities.

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Clinical Research Education Pre-requisite
Although people from the various fields are part of the clinical research today (some or other way); but people who have background in bio/life sciences or pharma/medicine have an edge in this field. The demand for the professionals with specialized training has increased specially in India.

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