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The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is the U.S. government's focal point for clinical trials on cancer. Most U.S. government agencies that conduct cancer research, such as DOD or VA, do so in partnership with NCI.

NCI provides information on understanding cancer trials, types of cancer, finding trials, resources for researchers, most requested pages, and more:

NCI Clinical Trials Education Series provides publications for individuals and health care professionals to understand clinical trials, such as self-paced workbooks, slide programs on CD-ROM, booklets and videos:

The Veterans Administration (VA) and NCI provide information on their interagency partnership agreement in clinical trials for cancer:

The FDA Cancer Liaison Program, Office of Special Health Issues with NCI answers questions directed to FDA by participants, their families, and participant advocates about therapies for life-threatening diseases:

National Cancer Institute, Office of Liaison Activities Presents, Understanding NCI: Toll-Free Teleconference Series